Semantic Technology Conferences in Fall/Winter 2013

posted by TextWise Team on 03/26/13

I-SEMANTICS 2013 is the 9th International Conference on Semantic Systems. The conference brings together researchers and practitioners in the areas of semantic technologies, linked data and the semantic web to showcase cutting-edge research, demonstrations, and applications for the corporate and social semantic web. The conference will be held in Graz, Austria on September 4-6, 2013.  To foster synergies among the research fields of knowledge discovery, social computing, and semantic technologies, the I-SEMANTICS Conference will be held together with the I-KNOW Conference, the 13th International Conference on Knowledge Technologies.

The Semantic and Social Media Adaptation and Personalization (SMAP) workshop is the evolution of the Semantic Media Adaptation and Personalization initiative, to discuss the state of the art, recent advances and future perspectives for semantic media adaptation and personalization.  SMAP covers different issues of semantic technologies and social semantic technologies in their use for content creation, media adaptation and filtering, and user profiling.  SMAP 13 is being held in Bayonne, France on December 12 & 13, 2013.

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